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Professionally designed templates

SchoolMailer has been created by HTDL a well established digital design studio and as such, SchoolMailer benefits from a great design team that can create fully branded, totally bespoke, professional templates for you.

We can follow the design of your website, or come up with something completely fresh, it's up to you.

As a professional design studio, we can also help out with larger projects too such as websites, prospectuses and other design requirements, see our website to look at our portfolio.

If you need more than one template, we can design as many as you like!

The standard cost allows for one template, however, alternative templates can be created when you sign-up or added at a later date. You may decide to do this if you want to send different newsletters to parents of Infants, to those of Juniors or Seniors for instance. When you go to create your email, you'll then be given the choice of which template to use.

Additional templates based on your original are charged at £90 each. This allows for a new 'header' to be created. The layout, colours and style of the 'body' of the email would normally remain the same for consistency.